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How do I cut the lace on my Venus Wig??

When your wig arrives it will have a band of mesh like lace across its front. This is from the construction process and it’s what gives the realistic hairline. To cut it, simply hold the lace facing upwards and let the weight of the hair pull down onto the lace and then using sharp (preferably fabric) scissors slowly cut the lace as close to the hair strands as possible. Some Venus Wig styles come in widows peak hairlines, if this isn’t preferable, it can simply be cut strait across and the excess hair brushed out.

How do I put on my Venus Wig??

This will depend on your natural hair underneath. For customers with hairloss, a shaved head or sensitivity we recommend first putting on a breathable stretch fabric wig cap for security and comfort. The use of wig tape/glue is also a great way to securely adhere the lace to the skin.

Customers with long hair may find putting their hair in low braided pig tails and then crossing them over the back of the head before pinning will help to keep bumps at a minimum, and for Afro Caribbean cornrow braiding or wearing a wig cap is a great way to smooth out the hair. For shorter hair, simply a low pony tail or pinning is enough, as long as the hair is as flat as possible it will not effect how your wig looks once on.

Wig caps come down to personal preference so it’s great to have a play and what feels best for you!

How do I keep it on??

All of our line come with built in comb style clips which unlike hair extension type clips do not pull at the hair, just help to ensure your Venus Wig is comfortably secure for all day/night wear.

At the nape of the cap are adjustable elasticated straps, and the cap construction is stretchable so our style will fit most male and female heads. However, should you have any concerns please contact us before placing your order and we can discuss measurements.

Some customers also like to add additional Kirby grip pins at points such as behind the ears or at the crown of the head.

For customers who require their Venus Wig to stand up to a lot of movement and still be flawless (such as performance or a big night out!) we recommend experimenting with wig tape or glue to give a perfect hairline. Other daily wig wearers prefer not to glue at all and just stick to the grips and clips method.

How do I change the parting??

This is very simple. Comb the hair into the desired parting, and either hold it down or clip it and run a hairdryer on a low heat (if wearing! High heat for a shorter amount of time if you are using your Venus Wig stand) in fluid motions over it then once it cools it will be set. To flatten hair forward to cut in a fringe we advise brushing the hair forward and then placing a wig cap over the hair to hold it.

Some customers also like to gently tweeze out a few hairs along the parting to give a more natural and realistic look.

Can I use heated styling tools??

Yes but with caution! All Venus Wigs are heat resistant to 180 degrees, so always use the lowest setting when styling. We recommend the use of a hair dryer and your loop brush for basic styling such as loosening curls, adding waves or straightening.

How do I store my Venus Wig??

Before wearing, lightly brush it out using the specially designed loop brush that is included in every order. For very long styles it is advised to give the Venus Wig a quick brush through every few hours if wearing for a long time and to carefully give it a full brush through after wearing, paying particular attention to the hair at the nape of the wig which has a tendency to tangle. Your loop brush will keep splits to a minimum, and when brushed starting from the bottom it will prevent fibres being pulled from the tracks of the wig.

Also included in every order is a foldable wig stand, because not only does your Venus Wig deserve its very own pedestal it will keep it ready for wear at all times! Otherwise, you can replace the tissue that was inside the wig cap, then pop over its net and keep it tucked away in its bag or its box.

How long will my wig last??

If worn every day it can stay perfect for up to 4-6 months without needing any kind of restoring. The fibres used in Venus Wigs are superior to their low cost counterparts and keep a beautiful natural gloss for longer, however by their very nature synthetic fibres begin to frizz and look ‘ratty’ on the ends after continued wear and styling.
This can be remedied by the use of a handheld steamer run over the wig using your loop brush very much like how one would curl using a hairdryer. Please contact us if you would like anymore advice on this.

Do you have human hair wigs available??

No. And we never will.

Venus Wigs take ethics and accountability very seriously and as such have found no supplier that guarantees a fair price given to the individual whose hair is being sold. We refuse to buy into exploitation, and instead proudly offer only high quality superior fibres.

Can I wash my wig??

Yes, it is advisable to wash your wig however not nearly as often as your own hair as a wig will not come into contact with the sebum produced by the hair follicle. To keep it fresh wash approximately every 20 wears but only if it needs it, such as if it has product in it, has been near smoke etc. Over washing your wig can greatly reduce its lifespan so go at your own discretion.

To begin, have a take out any tangles with your loop brush. Then fill a basin with tepid water and hold the wig from the top and dip it into the water, then use either a specially designed wig shampoo, a small amount of fabric softener or a gentle shampoo of your choice gently. Apply to the wig and squeeze it through. Do not be rough with the wig! Swish it around the basin continuing to squeeze through the shampoo then let it soak for two minutes. Rinse with cold/tepid water going with the flow of the fibres until no residue is left and from top to bottom gently squeeze out excess water.

Your wig can now be transferred to a towel for a little pat down! Then put it on its stand to let it completely air dry.


  • I am blown away by the customer service I have received – I had a small issue with a wig that was resolved quickly and exceeded my expectations that I ordered two more wigs straight away! Lori has amazing passion and her customer service is incrediable. I WILL be a loyal customer going forward and always getting my wigs from Venus. I lost some of my confidence as my hair fell out but Venus Wigs has opened my eyes to the possibility of being a new woman everyday. The hair quality is beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you so much!!!

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